Singapore: The Skyline of the Future

Singapore: The symbol of an amazingly melting pot of cultures and after it’s shaky past, fast developing as one of Asia’s hotshot destinations.

With its unique and super-fast public transport systems, wandering around a city like this will take only few minutes in your Singapore tour packages. Looking for a roti paratha breakfast in a Little Indian colony, but planning to see the beautiful temples in Chinatown before going for lunch? No worries, you’ll reach your destination in a jiffy using the most efficient MRT system. Why not visit the Marina Bay for a lifetime shopping experience on your trip to Singapore? Everything you seek is here to serve you. Not only that, new metro lines being opened almost every two years, makes it easier to explore the tiny island.

If you feel suffocating in the outdoor heat like every other Singaporean, duck inside to enjoy the retail therapy and a much needed pleasure of air-conditioning. Don’t miss Orchard Rd, the mother of all shopping malls Singapore: eye-catching high-street brands, exclusive fashion houses, along with few discount stores, yes almost everyone’s desires are fulfilled in Singapore holiday packages. If you want to avoid too much crowd while shopping, have a look at the local independent designers, exciting art galleries, cheap markets, famous Chinese medicines, gorgeous Persian carpets and even a sari or two.

The 21st-century botanic garden is a must-watch for every tourist. The 101-hectare fantasy park with the space-age bio-domes will make you say just waw! The high-tech Super trees and whimsical sculptures has been a famous spot in any Singapore honeymoon package.

The good-time Sentosa Island will take you to the world of audacious, fearless fun, starting from various theme parks, thrilling aquarium to numerous zip-lines, artificial surf and awesome beach bars. The Universal Studios is the top attraction in any Singapore tour package for couples with plenty of Shops, cultural shows, restaurants, roller coasters all are perfectly packaged into so many fantasy-world themes.

Multicultural Pattaya is another well-known destination with some wonderful places for night stay, making it a family-friendly resort coast for tourists from all over the world. The largely populated sun-soaked beach and countless tour groups muscling through local town will make you feel like lost in the crowd.

Don’t forget about Bangkok in your Singapore trip from India. With so much of daily life activities making the street overpopulated, yet would rarely find any city in the world which gives the pleasure of exploration as smoothly as Bangkok. For instance, start an extended boat trip with a visit to a hidden world of mysterious local market.

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