Dubai, a stirring alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision

Dubai is a sensational transformation of amazing traditions and futuristic ambitious projects which is wrapped around sharp redolent desert grandeur.

As Emirates are just a fraction of the lively population, Dubai is an energetic community peacefully cherished by vibrant cultures from all around the world. This diversity can be seen in the culinarious vast landscape, exquisite fashion and music, also gives a hint on what you can expect from your tour to Dubai. Despite rooted in an ethnic Islamic tradition, it’s an open minded society where tourists find quite easy to go deep into the myriad experiences. It can behaving food like a Bedouin, free-flowing dancing on the beach, wandering in the malls or enjoying a camel ride in the hot desert. Dubai tour packages will easily break down the cultural barriers and presumptions.

This Arabian city is an ideal retail haunt in the Dubai holiday packages as this place organizes two large annual shopping festivals. Shopping can become a leisure activity and these malls are way ahead of just a bunch of lavish stores. You can find an Italian palazzo or step into a Persian palace lookalike which attract tourists with surreal atmospheres like an indoor ski slope or a huge aquarium. A new type of urban-style mobile outdoor malls has also enriched the shopping spectrum.

It not just stops here in your Dubai honeymoon package. World's largest hand-loomed carpet, fascinating roller coaster, world’s highest high tea, a tower offering the greatest lean, the largest cluster of cultural buildings the world has seen in 21st century – the capital of UAE namely Abu Dhabi isn't quite afraid to dominate world records. The nightlife of Abu Dhabi will welcome you to an amazing city where literally nothing stands still.

Guarded by the notorious Hajar Mountains, Ras Al Khaimah or ‘RAK’ happens to be UAE’s northernmost region and one of the favorite spots for tourists. Outdoor enthusiasts love to visit this place because of the wide range of scenic beauty be it the sandy beaches famous for sunbath or cool oases, hot springs or even the fierce desert, all surrounded by the rocky bumpy mountains and it’s an ideal destination to rediscover the romance in a Dubai tour package for couple.

Once regarded as the preserve of the Madagascar, tourism in Mauritius is rapidly becoming world famous because of its exquisite wildlife. And why not? Mauritius has preserved more bird species from complete destruction than any other part in the world and you can end your Dubai trip from India in this beautiful island.

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Best Season:November to March
Popular Location: Abu Dhabi, Mauritius, Ras Al Khaimah